Service Lines

Web Development and Legacy Transformation

- We provide Custom Software Systems and Solutions and Web Portal Developments.
- We also help to relook the existing legacy applications in the current system and improvise by redefining the approaches with the help of latest cutting edge technologies.

Application Re-engineering

- The examination and alteration of a system to reconstitute it in a new form
- Innovative solutions by rethinking the strategy, idea
- Optimization, Restructuring and Integration of multiple systems through promotion of shared infrastructure and applications to reduce cost-over head.

Mobile Application Development

- In the cutting edge world of ever changing technologies, we are keeping ourselves up to serve you in embedded and handheld device applications.

Lean Software Development and Process Model

- Lean - An Agile way to implement the software and we, at Impace, follow the practice for increased efficiency. We help clients to analyze their established software applications to relook from Lean perspective.
- Data and Environment Consolidation
- Automation of Business Process models
- Long term strategic analysis of Business and Technical goals of the company
- Anticipation and Mitigation of risks associated with information and enterprise assets by application of standards and policies.